This online platform is a visual exploration of gestures, habits and practices of Human-Computer Interaction from past to present and future; from the first computers and sci-fi speculations to their entry into the mainstream market and worldwide supremacy. We live surrounded by the booming development of tactile devices. This collection is also a tribute to former tools of interaction, visionary creative projections and to interaction diversity. Whether you want to look back and refresh some dear memories of our early-stage relationships with computer, look forward and prospect how to shape our future interactions or simply are interested in seeing how HCI tools evolved over the last decades.

As a digital native, I lead this research like an anthropologist that would investigate the last members of a tribe and tried to collect, organize and keep trace of imagery which are clear and direct proofs of interaction between humans and computer. The archive acts as a space in which the collected images are confronted to highlight relevant paths, common patterns, and historical perception.

last update: 12.06.18
Design, content, programming by Domitille Debret
Master Information Design, Design Academy Eindhoven
Typeface : Maison Light and Maison Mono Light
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